Wet Garden


The Wet Garden is an innovative project that has been developed to break down barriers to help street drinkers access services.

The Wet Garden has been in full operation since October 2011. During this time, there have been 11 service users who have accessed the Wet Garden on a regular basis. The Wet Garden is the only place on the Foxton Centre premises that alcohol dependent rough sleepers, or those at risk of becoming homeless due to their alcohol dependency, can consume alcohol and receive continuing support to address their issues. We identified that alcohol dependent rough sleepers were more likely to be turned away by other services due to presenting as intoxicated and that equally service users were less likely to engage when not able to have a drink on a regular basis whilst attending appointments.

The Wet Garden has had some significant success during the short time it has been in operation. At present we have supported 3 people to access detox and rehab, 5 people to access accommodation and continued to support 6 people to maintain their tenancies or work towards maintaining their tenancies and/or accessing detox/rehab. As part of the Wet Garden, 2 people have completed the Alcohol Awareness Course with 1 securing accommodation as a result and both reducing their alcohol intake. Through engaging primarily with the Outreach team, 4 people were supported into accommodation with 1 continuing into detox and rehab.

The Foxton Centre Supporters

The Foxton Centre Supporters