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Fox ChiXx is The Foxton Centre’s group for girls aged 11 and over. The group is currently not running but may re-open dependent on funding

The aim of the project is to offer the young women we work with a safe place to relax, talk freely and be able to address the issues that are relevant to them. Issues such as friendships, family, school, self image and health and well being.

The Group completed a 6 week dance course with a student choreographer which ended with a performance of the dance to another group, and all the girls received AQA certificates.

Fox ChiXx have taken part in a number of trips including shopping for resources for an art project, drinks at Starbucks, meals out at Pizza Hut and Frankie and Benny’s, and a summer trip to Camelot. Regular sessions are planned by the group and are lively and fun including activities such as makeovers, Wii, games, manicures, bingo, cooking and discussions.

Last year, young ladies participated in a three day residential at The Field Studies Council Castle Head.
Nine young women achieved a total of 54 AQAs in the following fields: orienteering, canoeing, crewing a raft unit, climbing and abseiling and taking part in a residential.

“We like being part of a group.”

“Coming to Fox ChiXx makes me happy.”

 “If Fox ChiXx wasn’t open, I would have nothing to do.”

 “I have learnt to be nicer to people.”


The Foxton Centre Supporters

The Foxton Centre Supporters