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Fox Kidz is a youth group for young people aged 6 – 11 living within Avenham, Preston.

Fox Kidz opens Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00 to 18:30. (During summer holidays we hope that Fox Kidz will open for extended hours funding dependent).

The main aim of the group is to provide a safe place for young people to play, learn and enjoy themselves. We aim to provide a varied programme of activities that will encourage young people to play, work, achieve and enjoy together.

The Fox Kidz have enjoyed a variety of activities including games night, action art, stain glass windows, quiz night, a trip to the park and cooking. The young people have ownership of the sessions, they choose the games they play, and give their feedback at the end of each session. Fox Kidz members are included in planning and have the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas for future sessions, as well as reflect on past sessions and evaluate. The latest activity is going to be going to Huntley’s amaze maze for a fun day out.


Children in Need session: playing sleeping Pudseys in PJs.

The young people have created a set of rules for the club based on their own values and what they feel is important to having an enjoyable and fun time at Fox Kidz.

We currently have an average of 12 young people accessing Fox Kidz but some sessions we have upwards of 20 young people.

“It makes my day coming to Fox Kidz.”

“Fox Kidz has made me more confident.”

“I like that there’s somewhere to go.”


The Foxton Centre Supporters

The Foxton Centre Supporters