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Photography Contest – Preston, Our City, Your City

14th April 2016, posted in

The Foxton Centre presents:

A community participatory photography competition and exhibition using only disposable cameras.


The aim is to connect the participant and viewer through witnessing the daily lives, loves, challenges, and passions of Preston people to get closer to truly understanding their lives – and perhaps be moved to bring about a closer community.

– Making voices heard
– Encouraging self -development
– Reconnecting communities

Irrespective of age, gender, race, wealth, ability, social position, religion or political affiliation.

Make your voice heard and share your experiences and perspectives on life in Preston. We are creating a space where a child, a banker, and a rough sleeper can have an equal forum for communication and representation.

200 cameras are going to be available from the beginning of May.

For additional detail or to request a camera, please either email paul@WeAreHere-tfc.org.uk

Or visit www.WeAreHere-tfc.org.uk

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