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Help us celebrate 50 years

3rd October 2018, posted in , ,

This year, The Foxton Centre celebrates 50 years. That’s 50 years of helping to give the homeless in Preston a bed. 50 years of standing up for the people in our city whose voices are rarely heard – the vulnerable, the deprived, the sex workers, the people battling addiction and the people living in poverty.

We stand for the people at the margins of society in Preston.

But we couldn’t do it unless lots of people stood with us, and over the years thousands of people have done just that.

They’ve distributed posters, they’ve run activities, they’ve mucked in with our community projects because they’ve wanted to help and because they love the feeling they get from knowing they’ve made a difference.

Most of all, they’ve helped with fundraising, which over the last half century has come in all shapes and sizes, from bake sales to raffles, bike rides to sponsored walks, and from rough sleeps to Christmas hampers to corporate events and business support.

Whether you want to get involved personally, or would like to make The Foxton Centre your business’ or group’s chosen charity for this year (and beyond) there are lots of ways you can help make an incredible difference. Over the coming 12 months we’d love to work with you to raise the funds to continue our work now and for years to come.

Of course, if you have your own ideas, don’t wait for us. If you think you could contribute to our work – in whatever way – please get in touch. Thanks.

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