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BPSO 2023 – How to start your fundraising

Now you’ve registered to participate in the Big PNE Sleep Out 2023, here’s how to get going:

We are asking everyone to try and raise £100 as a personal fund-raising target.

The easiest way to raise funds is by creating an online personal fund-raising page.  Your supporters can make donations and the progress is tracked on your page whilst the donation goes straight through to The Foxton Centre   This way your supporters can be confident the funds are getting through and you don’t have to handle the money.

A central, fund-raising page has been established for the sleepout and you just need to link your personal page to this central page.  That way the event can keep tabs on overall progress to the target.   Here’s how:

Select SIGN UP and register the account with your details.

Via your internet browser, go to www.justgiving.com 


Search for the cause you want to support by entering THE FOXTON CENTRE

Next Select the BIG PNE SLEEP OUT

At the list of options, choose the one titled TAKING PART IN AN EVENT

Next select BIG PNE SLEEP OUT 17th NOV 2023

Now you can choose the internet address of your fund raising page.  Keep it short and simple so its easy to remember and type without errors e.g. MarySmith27 

Click OPT IN to receive communications about the event

Once the page has been created, you can use the menu options at the top to PERSONALISE your page – EDIT the page, MEDIA – to add photos or gifs, DONATIONS – to review your donations, set up a team and link to a company page, SETTINGS – to send a QR code, cancel your page 

When you are back on your personal page you can select SHARE to share your page via your personal social media accounts.  

How to get donations to support your fundraising?

The best way is to ask friends, family and workmates.   

In the last sleepout, people also sold things (e.g. cakes) or organized raffles to raise funds.

Be creative, most people will be pleased to make a contribution to a local charity.

Any questions?

Just send your question in an email to foxton50@thefoxtoncentre.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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