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Homeless Day Centre

Here at the Foxton Centre we run a Day Centre for the Homeless aimed at rough sleepers in the city …

We opened our new Homeless Day Centre on the 28th Dec 2022. The centre is in the basement of the Central Methodist Church on Fox Street in the city centre. Each day in our Day Centre we attempt to meet the practical needs that people have to make their life a little more bearable.

In our first month we worked with 145 individuals in the centre and had 381 visits to the centre.

We have a group of 11 volunteers who help run the centre and welcome new volunteers with open arms

We make sure people have access to food. We have showers so that people can get themselves clean and we carry a stock of clothing so that people have something to wear. We also have a washing machine and drier so that clothes can be kept clean.

Each morning we have an open session for rough sleepers and each afternoon a more structured programme with staff from other local agencies visiting to help rough sleepers with any issues they have.

However we aren’t just about maintaining people in a difficult position, we want to help people change their lives. So we have a team of qualified staff, students and volunteers who help address the wider needs that people have.

We do this by making a plan with people about the things they want to sort out this might include;

  • finding them temporary and permanent accommodation
  • helping them return to a different area if that helps
  • help them get a doctor
  • help them sort out finances and benefits
  • re-connect with family and friends

In the really bad weather we open extra services to enable people to keep safe in the past this used to be by opening the doors of our youth and community centre to let people sleep in the relative safety of the building. Preston City Council will shortly be taking over this provision further details will be announced by them soon. So far this winter we have provided accommodation in this way for 13 nights for up to 10 people.

“The Foxton Centre have helped me so much, they have supplied a sleeping bag, ensured I was off the street whilst waiting for the supported housing interview and much more. Just to be able to shower, change clothes and have a hot meal. I am grateful for all the support including the member of staff attending my interview and knowing what to say as I have never done this before. I was given hope.”

Community Work The Youth and Community Centre offers a comfortable safe space where you can get a nutritious and affordable meal, socialise and access help and resources. Community Work Assertive Outreach Our team of community social workers, student social workers and volunteers take to the streets on a weekly basis to make contact with people sleeping rough. Assertive Outreach The Rough Sleepers initiative The Rough Sleepers initiative provides an important service to people on the streets of Preston and is part of our commitment to end rough sleeping. The Rough Sleepers Initiative Friends & Funders