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No Second Night Out

No Second Night Out (NSNO) is a pledge made to people new to sleeping on the streets and is part of a commitment to end rough sleeping …

NSNO (No Second Night Out) at The Foxton Centre began in April 2013. The project provides a new service to people who are new to the streets. The project has seen us working even more closely with Preston City Council Housing Advisory Service, the national rough sleeper identification service Streetlink and local housing providers such as Fox Street, Emmaus and Recycling Lives.

In order to tackle rough sleeping the NSNO focuses upon:

  1. No one new to the streets should spend a second night out.
  2. No one should have to make their home on the streets.
  3. No one should return to the streets once they have been helped off of the streets.
  4. Ultimately no one should end up on the streets.

NSNO must follow four key principles:

  • New rough sleepers should be identified and helped off the streets immediately so that they do not fall into a dangerous rough sleeping lifestyle.
  • Members of the public should be able to play an active role by referring rough sleeping people.
  • Rough sleepers should be able to access a place of safety to undertake an assessment of need.
  • Rough sleepers should also be able to access emergency accommodation and other services, e.g. healthcare.

If people have come from another area or country and find themselves sleeping rough, the aim should be to reconnect them back to their local community unless there is a strong reason why they cannot return.

This project has been made possible through the receipt of a grant from the Homeless Transition Fund.

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