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Off The Streets Fund (Now Closed)

Our Off The Streets Fund helped p people move from rough sleeping into accommodation …

Our Off The Streets Fund was designed to help rough sleepers get off the streets and into safe and stable accommodation. The Fund also provided facilities which help support those who find themselves on the streets.

Here’s two examples of how this worked:

See how our Off The Streets Fund makes a difference, read Tom’s story to see what a roof over his head means to one person who was homeless. Additionally, we provide some money from the Off The Streets Fund to two soup kitchens.

This fund was closed in 2019 when the initial generous funding was used up we were fortunate to be able to carry on our work with the advent of the Rough Sleepers initiative. Many thanks to Danielle who enabled us to carry out this work.

Help us make a difference Tom's story Tom has been a long term rough sleeper and has secured accommodation in the past, here is Tom's story Read Tom's story Donate We work with the poorest sections of the community. Your donations make a big difference and any donation is appreciated. Donate Support Our Hungry Campaign Please contribute to our Hungry Campaign – £1 buys a homeless person in Preston a healthy balanced meal. Support our Hungry Campaign Friends & Funders