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How brave are you?

Don’t look down!

We are organising a skydive to raise money for the Foxton50 appeal. There are already two brave women signed up for this amazing experience and have a further 8 places available for anyone fancying this challenge.

Each individual will need to fundraise £500 which include the cost of the jump. We will set up a fundraising page online for you if you want to take part. You can either seek sponsorship for the jump (e.g. from your company) or organise fund raising to cover the cost.

The jump will be from a centre in Lancaster and you will need to arrive by 10am on the 27th July.

Maximum weight limit is 15 stone, although depending on the height of the jump, we may be able to take up to 16 stone for an additional £20 surcharge. ( sadly Jeff is too heavy due to the number of doughnuts he’s just eaten!)

To book people in we would need people’s name, age, height, weight, email address and telephone number.

Fitness Forms – please read this note carefully:

Participants should read the BPA Medical Form 115a (Student Tandem Parachutist Medical Information & Declaration) as soon as possible. If a jumper is able to sign this, and therefore self-declare themselves as fit to jump, they should just bring this form along on the day of the skydive. If having read all of the questions, a jumper is unable to declare themselves as being fit to jump and therefore unable to sign this form, they will then need to take BPA Medical Form 115B (Student Tandem Medical Advice Form) to their doctor to be signed and then bring this form along with them on the day of the jump.

Please let us know if you want to provisionally book. The deadline for confirming numbers, jumpers would be the 27th May.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch via foxton50@thefoxtoncentre.co.uk

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