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Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM)

Following the tragic deaths of two of our young service users in 2015 we have been working to develop a MEAM approach …

The intention of MEAM is to support people trapped in a  web of addiction, homelessness, offending, poor physical and mental health and place these people at the centre of their own support where they are  listened to, understood and have their needs addressed.

We hope that it will quite literally be a life saver and we are proud to lead in the delivery of this approach

MEAM has developed as a whole city approach and will only work with the participation of the many partners who are involved. It is part of a nationwide pilot of the approach promoted by the national charities Mind, Clinks and Homeless Link and will be subject to thorough evaluation.

The core elements of MEAM are:

  • It is led by the partnership; both at a high level to ensure the commitment of leaders in our partner agencies and at an operational level so that smooth access is available to the support needed
  • It offers a tailored approach to individuals – no square pegs in round holes.
  • It is designed so that it works for our local conditions
  • It empowers people with actual lived experience of these difficulties to have their voices heard in the design and delivery of the work programme – who better to involve than the people who use it.
  • at its heart it focuses on people’s assets and skills since we hold the view that we are joint learners in the delivery of services and positive change for individuals can build on the strengths people have.
  • It means not giving up on people and being persistent

The MEAM service was launched in June 2018 and came to a conclusion in March 2021

Year-Four-final-report.pdf (meam.org.uk)

This is the last years report evaluating the MEAM approach in the UK

The MEAM partners were:

  • The Foxton Centre
  • Preston City Council
  • Lancashire County Council Public Health
  • National Probation Service
  • Community Rehabilitation Company
  • Lancashire Police
  • The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
  • The Department of Work and Pensions
  • Preston Clinical Commissioning Group
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