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Street Sex Workers

For over 20 years our Streetlink project has worked with Preston street sex workers …

For many street sex workers in the city they experience issues of homelessness, poverty, addiction and health. Our projects are designed to keep people safe by addressing violence against women, promoting good sexual health and tackling the other challenges which prevent the women moving forward with their lives.

Since we launched the Streetlink project we have helped many sex workers to exit street sex working, but sadly many are returning to the streets, citing the complex benefit system and sanctions as a reason for this.

Women are increasing in number, despite the success of the project, many are working in local brothels or they are isolated within their homes. This is an area of work we wish to develop in the future.

Helping the City's sex workers Streetlink Outreach forms the core of Streetlink provision, with staff and volunteers making contact and engaging with sex workers up to three nights per week. Streetlink Friends & Funders