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Youth Work

We work with young people in the centre and south of the city organising weekly youth clubs and holiday time activities …

We are proud that our youth work has been operating for over fifty years from our centre which opened in 1969. We now have groups running for three age ranges, Fox Kidz and ATR,  and a group for older teenagers. In addition we have rejuvenated a local park space in Frenchwood, Smiths Rec, to turn it into a safe space for community activities.

For our successful summer programme in 2021 we ran 226 sessions for 4 hours each for the full 7 weeks of summer. This was funded by the government HAF funding.  Through each of the sessions we provided a hot meal for children, young people and families.

We had over 40 children access our summer activities.

We offered community activities like yoga / Zumba and drumming for parents to come along with their children. We had a mix of around 20 adults each Friday teatime for exercise, food and for their children to access summer activities.

We also completed outreach and detached sessions during this summer and engaged with more numbers of young people.  We are looking how to continue to record

We have secured Children In Need funding and Lottery funding to expand these services. We have spoken with young people.

We have expanded our youth work to 5 nights a week and have moved them later to ensure we are providing opportunities to engage with positive activities.

We are planning the following in our Youth and Community offer:

Our partnership with Onward Housing is now increased to a photo project for the adult in the community starting in Jan 2022. This is being funded by Onward and with a view to community engagement for ourselves and them around the changes that our happening locally in the regeneration of the Avenham properties.

We are expanding our offer of sexual health advice and our partners at Public Health are looking to provide access to sexual health nurse on site and for us to be a part of the condom distribution network for women, Men and young people. We also be able to offer the postal sexual health testing kits.

We are working with the employment officer from within our building (provided by Onward) to develop taster work sessions, volunteering opportunities, qualifications through AQA for all in the community.

We are looking at developing a Barista course for our unemployed and young people as a skill and qualification to have.

We are sourcing funding to provide yoga sessions for the community as this was successful and the community has requested, we continue this.

We now offer 1: 1 targeted youth work within St Augustine’s Primary school 5 days a week with targeted vulnerable young people.

We are developing student placements with Newman College for them to attend for both year 12 and year 13.

We are working towards starting a weekly Coffee morning for the whole community at the end of November.

Contact the team on 07565 211197 or at youthlink@thefoxtoncentre.co.uk

Fox Kidz Fox Kidz is a youth group for young people aged 6-11 living within the Avenham area of Preston. Our program of activities will encourage them to play, work, achieve and enjoy themselves. Fox Kidz ATR ATR is a youth group that offers a safe environment for young people aged 12 to 17 to freely express themselves and interact with others and their peers, without the fear of being judged or oppressed. ATR Smiths Rec The disused bowling green on Smiths Recreation Ground in Frenchwood is one of the few green spaces left in the area. Our aim is to create a safe environment for children, young people and families. Smiths Rec Friends & Funders