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Project 360

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An innovative approach to tackling long-term homelessness

 Placing the client at the centre of four partners, The Foxton Centre, Housing Advice Service, a private landlord, and They Eat Culture, Project 360 is an innovative partnership approach built on social arts practice and the Housing First model.

We create meaningful activity based on social need, working towards reducing long-term homelessness.

Our shared creative practice is an open engagement, a conversation between us and the place where we live.

This pilot work is supported by Foxton Centre’s Off the Street Fund, Lancashire County Council, and Preston City Council.

Project 360 is linked to They Eat Culture & the Foxton Centre’s ongoing partnership programme of activity, Foxton Lives.

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Off the Streets Fund: examples of how the money is being used


TFC opens doors for those who cannot do it by themselves

Case study A

Tom* says: “My new flat, which was set up from the Foxton Centre, has given me new hope for my future. Before I felt unsafe and unable and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was back in prison. Having my flat now with all my furniture has given me a huge opportunity to better myself. I feel safe, and knowing I have a tenancy has relieved all the stress I had before. I feel I have a great foundation to build on and have something that belongs to me. I’m so grateful because being given the accommodation has totally turned things around. I have even received support in managing and budgeting in order for me to be able to sustain and keep my tenancy. I wasn’t just put in a flat and left on my own, I’ve had great support, advice and guidance all the way.

Tom has been known to the service as a long term interim entrenched rough sleeper. Tom has secured accommodation in the past though this has never been a long term solution due to other factors including accommodation being inadequate.

Tom approached us after feeling unsafe in his previous accommodation. He felt as though he would return to criminal activity and using illicit substances due to the temptation, stress and anxiety caused by the environment he was staying in.


**New home – new beginning


The Foxton Centre approached a landlord who did not require a bond scheme and kept his properties up to a very good standard. TFC were able to use the ‘Off the Streets’ fund to furnish the property so that Tom could move in and create a positive environment to flourish.

Since securing a good standard tenancy with an understanding and supportive landlord and creating a home, Tom has felt more confident, safe and able to make positive change. He has recently undertaken some voluntary work and wants to look at mentoring others who are in a similar situation as he was.

*The name of this person has been changed for the purpose of anonymity.

**The photograph is not of the actual accommodation.


Additionally, we give some money from the Off The Streets fund to two soup kitchens.

The Foxton Centre Supporters

The Foxton Centre Supporters