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Student Placements

On student placements we provide a stimulating and challenging placement opportunity; probably one of the best in the Voluntary Sector. We tend to believe that if you can do youth and community work or community social work here, you can do it anywhere!

Social work student Amber (right) at our project Market Stall with a staff member Laura and a volunteer Michael.

Social Work/Youth & Community

Every day is different; new skills are quickly developed in response to the needs of younger and older people as they present themselves at the door. Most students respond positively to the demand that they think on their feet, become reflective practitioners and truly non-judgmental whilst creating order out of the potential chaos of having to do (at least) three things at once!

In return, the critical analysis required of students provokes staff to debate theory and practice and to keep up with current thinking and this helps us to be a learning organisation. Students contribute massively to our organisational culture. It’s a privilege to participate in their journey towards qualification.

The Foxton Centre enjoys strong links with staff delivering Cumbria University’s Youth and Community Work courses and at the University of Central Lancashire’s School of Social Work.

Business School

In 2014, we hosted our first Business School student from UCLan – a third year marketing student. This student took the reins of organising our first fundraising and publicity event. We have spoken to UCLan and are looking forward to repeating the process again in the following school year, but are open to students from different courses. Speak to your lecturer if you are interested.

For more information about our student placement opportunities please contact us at info@thefoxtoncentre.co.uk

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